Living a simple life in the midwest

i want to see daily All the beauty

in life being lived.

I don't own this grand story of how I always wanted to be a photographer and how at a young age I picked up a camera and knew photography is what I was going to do all my life. Infact, every plan I had for my life has not gone accordingly to what I thought it to be. It has however become much greater, richer and more beautiful than any plan I have ever made.


I am the most simple person who often craves the quiet moments to help reset and reflect. Montana and the great west will always be home to me but I have built a life in Minnesota that brings me great joy. Alongside the title of friend, daughter, wife, mother and now "nanna", there is no greater title I bear than that of being a daughter to the Heavenly Father. Because of Him I find in all my days that I want to love greater, forgive quickly, show grace effortlessly and care for all those that surround me. He has given me a life I do not deserve but I am forever grateful, for it is the most beautiful life anyone can be given.


As I continue to cross paths with people of all ages there is not one that has crossed before me that I have not seen so much beauty in them. We are all beautiful and I strive always to show you what you may not see so easily. Thank you for taking the time to look around and may you see all the beauty I am so blessed to capture on a daily basis!


Mission Mountains of Montana, Beautiful Mountain Peaks of Colorado, The sound of Laughter, Two Souls Who Changed My Life and A Man Who Is My Very Best Friend.how I love thee




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